Delight of the Pastor

Often we read articles dealing with the hard parts of someone’s vocation. The purpose of these articles is to make people aware of the hardships they endure. But how often do we look at the joys and delights in a certain vocation or job? I would like to take a short moment to share a joy I have as a pastor.

As a pastor each Sunday I get to stand before the congregation of God and administer His gifts to the congregation. One way God gives the gifts of forgiveness and eternal life are through the Lord’s Supper. The pastor has been given to administer or give out this supper to the children of God and it is a great joy. There at the rail I get to give to people the very body and blood of our Lord Jesus Christ and there are a couple of joys in doing this.

First, no matter what is happening in the church each Sunday everyone comes forward to the rail and receives the Lord’s Supper. It is a joy to see all the members coming together to receive the gifts of God. It is a delight to know I can serve each and everyone of you in this way. It is truly a service which brings delight and joy to my heart.

Second, I have had the chance to commune at one table four generations of God’s children. It is amazing to think that God has sustained His church and kept His children in it for four generations and to see them come all together at one table to receive the Lord’s Supper is a joy and delight to my heart. It is an encouragement that the Lord has not forgotten our little church but remembers it and blesses it.

Third and final, is getting to see the little children come to the rail to receive the blessing. In their face I see the joy and delight of the Lord. There I get a chance to speak God’s blessing over these children and know the faith is kept in them as well. Bring them forward with all confidence.

Pastors do not become pastors for the money. Often their jobs are hard and thankless, but God does not leave them without joy and delight. For in getting to be your pastor you bring me joy and delight simply by coming and receiving what God has so graciously let me give to you